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Silent Whispers Book Trailer

When Tami Urbanek began working with the public as a medium, she never envisioned how her path would change. Moving beyond working with people’s spirit guides, she began communicating with deceased children.

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What’s The Point?

I’ve heard a few people say that their friends or acquaintances say to them, “What’s the point of all this ‘healing’? Have you really ‘healed’ anything?” There is a lot to the point of healing. In my experience, healing involves … Continue reading

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Chapter Excerpt-Healing Conor

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Since both Bethany and I have the genetics to be a medium (talk to nonphysicals or deceased), it didn’t surprise me to know that Conor can also easily see and communicate with nonphysical people as well. I’m not sure if … Continue reading

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Excerpt-Chapter Five-Loving Conor

It was the early summer of 1996 and I was working diligently on my sense of self-worth. I stopped judging myself so harshly. I stopped comparing myself to others. I began the process of not placing so much value in … Continue reading

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