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Are You Being Haunted By a Past Life or By a Person?

What does it mean to be haunted by a past life or by a deceased person? Does it mean a dead person is following you around and making your life miserable? Maybe. Does it mean you feel emotions, such as … Continue reading

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Ghost Story #3

About few months after another encounter, I decided I needed to stop getting caught up in the person’s response when I would approach them. This opened me up to another encounter.

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Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-Passion

Most children are taught to feel shame at some point in their lives. That may come from any environment. When children are taught to be ashamed, they grow into adults who feel shame. That shame is never productive and covers … Continue reading

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Ghost Story #2

At the gym I attend, there are apparently many people walking around with a ghost attached to them. It seems that every time, I find that it is a woman who has a ghost attached to her. Perhaps, that is … Continue reading

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Ghost Story #1

One night in mid winter, I woke up around 3am and I saw three nonphysical (deceased) females standing next to my bedroom window. One stuck out as the ‘communicator’ and the other two were not real ‘present’, but had long … Continue reading

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