Single Parents

Solo parenting or single parenting can be rough! There are many challenges to being a single parent. Aside from financial concerns for many, the solo parent does much of the housework, laundry, appointments, errands, and setting discipline and consequences. Then of course, if the parent sets a boundary and the child crosses it, there needs to be follow-through. All of this can be daunting to single parents.


Being a solo parent is not limited to parents who are single, but to parents whose spouse is rarely home or away on duty. Life can offer many challenges; the point is to learn how to move beyond those challenges effectively and in a healthy way.


Single parents first need to take a step back and learn how to create a state of balance at home. This may seem like an impossible task for some, so it’s important to know it’s not. Take it one step at a time. Are the children at home old enough to do certain chores that can help the parent? One way to convey the importance of helping at home is communication. If the children are old enough to load/unload the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, run the vacuum, dust some tables or wash some floors, then delegate those tasks. It’s important to express the importance of why it’s important as well. The parent is not just teaching responsibility, but also asking for support. When parent and child can communicate effectively about emotions and needs, it teaches the children they can also communicate needs and challenges as well.


Another way to create balance is through balancing time. One can do this through restructuring how time is spent. If too many activities are going on at once, it may be wise to identify any activities that can be removed or moved to a different time. Perhaps asking to carpool is the best choice. Engaging in too many activities leads to scattered and worried thoughts, foggy head, and sometimes fatigue. Time does not just balance itself; it needs direction in moving to a balanced state. Time is precious, we cannot rewind. Life is now. Life is short.


Learn more at the Single Parents’ Support Group held by the Universal Education Foundation, a nonprofit, by contacting Tami Urbanek at 719-641-2017

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