The Lady In The Dark Corner

In the gym locker room, I wrapped myself in a towel and headed to the steam room. I was looking forward to a hot eucalyptus steam. There were several women in there already and I found a spot that wasn’t too close to the steam spout. Inhaling the wonderful fragrance, I glanced over and saw a deceased woman sitting on the floor in the dark corner.
She’s naked, but sitting in such a position that her body is covered by her legs and arms. She’s sitting in a way that shows she’s protecting herself. She’s crying and I acknowledge her.

“I was raped!” She was crying as she was speaking.

She showed me a general male, and she appears to be in her early 20′s maybe. She’s very thin.

She tells me she overdosed on drugs or medications. She’s stuck and is fearful of moving on.

“Why are you in here?” I asked.

“I followed you.”

“Oh…why are you scared of moving on?”

“I’m afraid he’ll be there and he’ll hurt me.”

“Is he dead? Are you sure he’d be there? I don’t know if he’s there, but I do know there are ones who love you and want to help you there. You will have a lot of help.”

She doesn’t seem too convinced.

“Well, after I leave the steam room, I’m heading to the showers….so….no need for you to join me there! We’ll chat after I leave the gym, ok?”

She accepts this and later rides in the backseat of my car.

Time to go have a chat…

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