Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-Leaky Gut Syndrome

In many modern medicine circles when a health difficulty is not understood, it gets dismissed. This has occurred with many autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome in the past. Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS) is not much different in that regard. On the positive side, many physicians are now recognizing this syndrome as real. Pharmaceuticals do not address LGS, but rather dietary and lifestyle changes do. What exactly is LGS?


LGS occurs when toxicity has built up in the body from eating foods the body has a difficult time breaking down. With LGS, many food particles and toxins are not passed through the intestines, but passed into the blood stream, causing difficulties, such as inflammation. Genetically modified foods, especially GM gluten, have been pointed to as a major contributing factor, among other foods.


Some doctors have listed LGS a few symptoms as difficulty digesting and/or eliminating, painful joints, headaches, depression, allergies, autoimmune, and skin issues. Chronic stress has been pointed to as a major contributing factor as well. When one has LGS, taking supplements is almost useless. The supplements do not absorb into the body, in fact much nutrition does not absorb anymore. The positive side is that LGS can be addressed through dietary and lifestyle changes. One can speak with a nutritionist, who understands LGS, for suggestions in what to change in the long-term diet.


LGS is becoming much more common now than in the past due to our changing food supply. Many of our processed food ingredients have been banned or not used in other countries and the United States’ population appears to be getting sicker and sicker by the decade.


LGS can also be addressed through Life Energy Flow Tai Yi after one has been making beneficial dietary changes. The treatment, Dirty Brain, begins to assist the brain and the gut, since the two are closely linked in how they work together. This treatment speeds up the process of healing Leaky Gut by clearing the energy in the brain and the intestines. If no dietary changes are made, this treatment will not fully work with helping heal the body.


Dirty Brain is in two parts and parts one and two need to be completed 3 hours to 72 hours apart. After making necessary changes and receiving the treatment, you’ll begin feeling better in the digestion, clearer brain function, and general well being.

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