Journey For Truth-Overcoming Rape and Abuse


Donna L Quesinberry, at age 12, was raped by a man. When her parents discovered this upon returning home, not only did they not help her, they abused her in the name of punishment. Her trauma went unhealed which led to more trauma and eventually an abusive marriage. She finally began to choose differently for herself in her adult years and began healing her injuries. How did she do it? Listen here!

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One Response to Journey For Truth-Overcoming Rape and Abuse

  1. Tami, thank you for this interview opportunity. I’d love to rejoin you at another time in the future and move discussion more toward post-recovery. Thank you for helping the spirit of informing victims, advocates and/or (hopefully) perpetrators toward thinking more about how to move beyond history toward a self-actualized existence aligning our gaze on future aspirations in order to release the fetters of a traumatic past.

    In light and love – God Bless.

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