Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-ADD/ADHD

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-ADD/ADHD

A person can walk into a classroom and find many students have been diagnosed as ADD/ADHD and many are on medication for that diagnoses. When did this label become so popular? Did women, all of the sudden, begin having babies that had brain difficulties? Is our food supply contributing to this label? Is it simply a moneymaker for the pharmaecuetical industry?

What if the true number of ADD/ADHD individuals is much lower than the currently diagnosed numbers? What if one discovered that the checklist that is, many times, used to determine ADD/ADHD is almost identicle to the Gifted and Talented checklist that was utilized years ago?

Some families have already sought out alternatives, such as a change in diet, limited television, and more family interaction. These are wonderful changes to make in a childā€™s life, who is struggling in school.

Also, one area to look for is boredom. If a child is bored and under stimulated, he or she will not pay attention, stay focused, or want to listen to the teacher. However, many times, the teacher has 29 other children and cannot or will not modify or differentiate material to meet the needs of the child.

If the child can play a video game or read a self-chosen book, without getting overly distracted, then he or she does not have ADD/ADHD. The label itself indicates the inability to focus. If a child can focus on a self-chosen task, then the ability is there. The child is simply using the ability selectively.

However, there are cases where a child truly has ADD/ADHD. This usually occurs while the child is still in the womb. If the mother had a significant trauma, took medications/drugs, or was/is sensitive to vaccines, this can cause true ADD/ADHD. It is not guaranteed to cause it, but can cause it. If this is the case, a treatment titled Beyond Love can benefit.

This treatment is titled Beyond Love because it takes more than love to help heal an ailment, in this specifically, ADD/ADHD. This treatment is for those who are TRULY ADD/HD. If one has been INCORRECTLY DIAGNOSED as ADD/HD, this treatment will not work. This can assist those who are older adults and are losing their memory. Adult ADD symptoms are: forgetfulness, difficulty in reading, tuning out a lot.

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