Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-Are We Consuming Poison?

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-Poison

A typical grocery store’s shelves are lined with packaged foods that are full of genetically modified ingredients. Genetically modified foods contribute to many illnesses and the testing of safety is completed through the companies who run the biotechnology, rather than a third party. People can avoid eating GM foods by choosing NON-GMO foods and organic foods.


The general water supply is not entirely clean and contains fluoride. Fluoride is linked to a multitude of health issues. The Dental Director, Dr. Bull, was quoted as saying, “water contains a number of substances that are undesirable, and fluorides are just one of them.”  People can demand clean water.


The air contains many pollutants as well. There has been much controversy over the concept of chemtrails. Do they exist or not? One needs to research himself or herself and make that determination. There is much research that discusses the existence of chemtrails and many websites that say they are simply contrails and that it is nothing to worry about.


One can continue their research and find patents for seeding the air to prevent global warming from escalating. The United Nations has admitted they authorize chemtrails, or geo-engineering, as a way to combat global warming. Despite the reasoning, geo-engineering leaves chemicals in the air that eventually fall onto our foods, water supply, and it is inhaled. Research shows that chemtrails will end up in a tic-tac-toe pattern and spread out over hours.


Representative Kucinich sponsored HR 2977 that discussed space-based weapons. The original bill listed chemtrails as one of the weapons. Much more research is available to determine if they exist and if they do, what chemicals are in them.


Some of the research points out aluminum, barium, and arsenic, among many other chemicals. The chemicals will create headaches, fatigue, low immune systems, skin issues, and disrupt brain signaling.


Life Energy Flow Tai Yi offers a treatment called Trail of Emotional Death. This treatment has two parts and they need to be completed between 24-48 hours apart. The chemicals in chemtrails deeply affect feeling in the emotions and one can develop apathy and passivity. The treatment helps prevent that from occurring and assists the person to feel emotionally. This is for those who feel disconnected to everything and feels like giving up.


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  1. One of the best things I’ve done for us is buy a water ionizer. It gives you ionized, filtered and acidic water (good for cleaning, including vegetables and produce). it’s expensive for sure but drinking ionized water, along with avoiding GMO foods, is amazingly beneficial to health. I studied a long time before finally buying one and while we’ve only had it about 3 months, i think it was very well worth the significant investment.

  2. Tami Urbanek says:

    Thank you for reading!That sounds fantastic!

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