Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-Balance

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi is about finding balance in one’s own life. Finding balance is about healing and releasing old non-serving thought patterns and actions that continue to deny one’s own self-worth. In so doing, it is important to also remember the point of living at the same time.


Many times a person will choose to begin working on his or her own healing. In that process, it is necessary to examine many patterns that will relate back to the same core issue. It is necessary to counter the negative actions in order to create space for new joyful creating patterns. Healing is also about forgiveness of others and self. It is also important to remember that in the healing process, it is important to balance it with play. Sometimes, the person who chooses to begin to heal becomes so caught up in the healing process that he or she leaves out two very important components of healing.


The first component of healing, that is required for a continuation of healing, is self-acknowledgment. If a person is working at identifying and healing a self-worth issue and what caused that issue, it does not make sense to not acknowledge the accomplishments and process. Self-acknowledgment is necessary in the process if the person wants to continue seeing progress. The reason is that when a person creates an understanding to heal an issue, if time is not spent to acknowledge that work, then the work becomes negated. The absence of acknowledgment is the same as denial of the work. When there is denial of the work that was involved, a backwards movement begins.


The second component that many tend to forget is play. Playfulness is necessary in the healing process. Healing life-long issues is work. But the work needs to be balanced with play. The reason why is that if play is not integrated as well, then the work becomes a chore. When the healing process becomes a chore, the process no longer works. Healing cannot be seen as a chore. Play is a necessary, a rewarding, and can be a rich experience.


Whenever a person desires to heal any issue, deep work of examining, forgiving, and making new choices needs to balance with play and self-acknowledgment. When these components are in place, deep and lasting effects will be the result.

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  1. Diane Franzen says:

    Thank you. I had not realized that self-acknowledgement was needed. I have been too focused on the work yet to be done.

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