Life Energy Flow Tai Yi-Denial

Most people have experienced denial or have seen people experience denial at one point. People can be in denial of how much financial debt they carry. They can be in denial about the activities in which their children or adolescents are engaging. People can be in denial of an addiction as well. Not simply an addiction to a substance, but an addiction to anger, depression, and self-pity.


Simply defined, denial is where a person refuses to look at and heal the authentic issue. This can occur for different reasons and to different varying degrees. One can have significant denial about an issue completely or one can know an issue is present, but be in denial of the depth of the issue.


When a person has spent his or her life engaging in certain behavior patterns that have served to keep a person in denial, it can be seemingly difficult move past that behavior. For example, if a person had a difficult childhood and that person has formed the false belief that she or he must remain angry in order to self-protect, that person may experience much resistance to healing the anger and what caused the anger. The person develops an association with the anger and determines that he or she cannot heal the anger or even may be in denial that the anger even exists. That is denial. Everyone can heal their issues; it is simply that many people do not want to do the work of healing the issues.


When a person has arrived to the conclusion that he or she has been in denial of an issue or of denial of self-worth, and desires to heal it, then he or she can benefit from Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. Tai Yi utilizes specific pressure points and Universal Energy (similar to acupuncture) to assist a person in healing denial through the treatment Denial of Denial. Many people will, out of fear, create a wall of denial to protect their original denial. The treatment works with the person mentally, emotionally, and physically-utilizing those meridians and Universal Energy to break down the self-imposed wall of denial so that the person recognizes the original denial and can choose to heal it.


Life is about choices. One can choose to heal or choose to stay in denial. No choice is right or wrong, it simply reflects the desire of the person making the choice. When one chooses to heal, the assistance is provided; the tools are provided. When one does not want to do the work of healing, change will not occur. The desire must be present.

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