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Most children are taught to feel shame at some point in their lives. That may come from any environment. When children are taught to be ashamed, they grow into adults who feel shame. That shame is never productive and covers the energy of passion. Passion is critical when one wants to seek a state of joy that remains present.


Sometimes, people carry the perception that children need to be shamed in order to prevent future negative or ‘bad’ behaviors. Rather, a child who is taught to be ashamed of himself or herself will develop a false belief around self-worth. That false belief can be conscious or subconscious. What if, instead of teaching shame, which can be seen as convenient, everyone taught compassion, consequences of actions, and integrity? If a child has learned those elements, he or she would not feel the need to engage in negative or ‘bad’ behavior. However, teaching compassion, consequences of actions, and integrity is not convenient and it takes walking the ‘talk’.


As a result, we have many people who carry shame. That shame covers up passion. The ability to feel passion also comes from the ability to feel self-compassionate. But, how can one feel self-compassionate when he or she is feeling ashamed? That person will not feel self-compassion, unless he or she works at healing the shame. A way to heal shame is to uncover the origin of shame teaching, understanding how the shame has been operating, and then begin making different choices in how the shame is engaged. Stop engaging the shame. That does not mean suppress it; it means to honestly look at shame, its origin (without judgment), and to diligently begin making new choices.


To assist with feeling passion, a person needs to increase self-compassion and can also receive the Tai Yi treatment, Brain Passion. Brain Passion creates heat in the body and is a clearing treatment as well as a treatment to assist in a person creating new patterns. This treatment clears old energy within the meridians. The person, assuming he or she is working at healing shame and feeling self-compassionate, can expect to begin feeling passionate about life as a result of this treatment.


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