Ghost Story #3

About few months after another encounter, I decided I needed to stop getting caught up in the person’s response when I would approach them. This opened me up to another encounter.

It was February and snowing lightly outside. My Internet chose that day to stop working for ‘no’ reason. I attempted to restart the Internet box three times and I finally gave up. I decided to take my laptop to the local coffee shop that had a gas fireplace and free WiFi and I could finish up my computer work.

I walked in, ordered my coffee, and immediately sat down next to the fireplace. I was grateful the large chair was available, as they get taken quickly. I noticed an older woman sitting right across from me. She seemed nice. I could sense an older woman behind her, a deceased older woman.

Oh boy, not again. I sighed. I pondered. Should I approach her? Let it be? The deceased older woman was also nice, not really pressing me. But, I knew this was part of my test in not caring what other people think and simply expressing what is being requested of me.

I noticed the woman, across from me, gathered her laptop and began leaving. I thought, “I’m off the hook!” However, she returned with a different laptop and resumed her work. I sighed again. Ok, may as well get this over with and move on.

I leaned forward, “excuse me, I have an odd question.”

She looked at me and smiled.

“I don’t know if you are open to such remarks or what your beliefs are, but there is a deceased woman behind you. She has grey short hair and seems nice. I think she might be your mom.”

The woman looked at me, as if she was not sure, but continued listening. Meanwhile, the deceased woman showed me an image.

“She stands in front of your bed before you go to sleep. This  interferes with your sleep, because you are picking up on her energy.”

She looked at me with a look that says, ‘that does not sound like my mother’ and I understood her confusion immediately.

I continued, “it is not that her energy is ‘bad’ or ‘dark’, it just is not your energy, so it creates some conflict in your sleep.”

She then looked at me as if that made perfect sense. The deceased person started talking.

I said, “She is saying, ‘you’re beautiful’. That is it. Very short. ‘You’re beautiful’.”

She nodded with a look that showed total understanding. She leaned over and said to me, “my niece has a gift similar to yours. She picks up on ‘things’ like you do. She has shared wonderful things with people too. I hope you use your gift for a very long time.”

I nodded and said thank you. I finally received acknowledgment of understanding the information. I realized I did not need the acknowledgment anymore. When I returned home later, my Internet was working perfectly fine. Go figure.

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  1. debra says:

    this is very cool! Makes up for all those not-so-receptive responses you’ve contended with! 🙂

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