Are You Being Haunted By a Past Life or By a Person?

What does it mean to be haunted by a past life or by a deceased person? Does it mean a dead person is following you around and making your life miserable? Maybe. Does it mean you feel emotions, such as anger and fear, and you don’t know why or where they come from? Maybe. Does it mean you have weird dreams that take you on a journey you don’t want to be on? Maybe.

Being haunted does not have just one answer in regards to what it might feel like or look like.

If you are being haunted, I can assist you in understanding why and sometimes by whom. If the person bothering you doesn’t want to communicate, then it becomes difficult to determine who that person is and why he or she is bothering you….at least from the person’s perspective. However, that’s where the assistance from your guides in. They can offer insight to who it is and what that person wants. But, you may not even know the person from this life! It could be a person from a different life, so don’t assume you would consciously recognize the person’s personality as it’s being described by your guides.

When you are haunted by a past life you experience feelings, emotions, and sometimes memories of that past life. Those memories may surface in sleep dreams, wake dreams, meditations, and or in other ways. The memories might be vague and it might be more the feelings you feel that you don’t understand. Your guides can provide me with detail about what that past life was, what happened, sometimes where it was, when it was, and why it’s significant. Most of all, they can assist you in understanding what to DO about it.

In my own life, I have been made aware of a few past lives that were still playing a role in my current life. What I did was bring past pain into my present life and I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand why I felt so much fear in speaking my truth until I learned that, long ago, in an Irish past life, I did speak truth. Although I was a child-in that life, I was thrown down a well and left there to die. My family at the time knew of this and refused to assist me as they perceived me a dark child. So, not only did I develop a fear of speaking out, I also carried a fear of abandonment that I could never place with my own current family as they never abandoned me. Thankfully, I was rescued and I did not die in that well.

What did I do to end that pain? In meditation, I assisted the little girl who was left to die. I gained her trust and her love as we would take walks and talk. After I gained her trust, I took her hand and we confronted the adults who threw her down the well. I protected her so they could not punish her again. We re-created the event so that it was not painful. This allowed my mind and soul to begin releasing that old fear as if it never happened. But I could not have done that successfully without knowing the events that occurred. I could have taken much longer and used my higher mind to gain the conscious memories myself. But I asked for outside assistance in gaining the details so I could begin the healing work immediately and move on from there.

Are you being haunted? Let’s find out.

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  1. David says:

    I usually think of myself as a pretty scientific person but can understand that people such as you sometimes have some insight or relief for people such as me. For years, I’ve been having nightmares and daydreams from the point of view of a soldier in Vietnam. I never served there nor anywhere else and am frankly confused as to why I keep having these. They’re extremely graphic from what I can remember, and friends tell me I scream, kick and punch in my sleep. I can’t afford a session with you but would love whatever insight you can give me. Thanks,


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