Chapter 9-Abilities Excerpt

I wasn’t sure if non-physicals had some sort of attraction to grocery stores, but about a month later, I was again approached. I was browsing in the grocery store, selecting my groceries, when two women, one older and one younger caught my attention. As I noticed the younger woman, I clearly heard in my head, “She’s so pretty.” Startled, I turned around to see who had just spoken. Where’d that come from?

“Go tell her she’s beautiful,” I heard again. What the hell? Who’s talking to me? If I ignore it, it’ll go away.

“Go tell her!” I heard again.

Or not.

Why is this so important? I just want my groceries.

After more urging from this voice, I finally said, “OK! I’ll tell her she’s beautiful. But, she has to be two aisles down and alone!”


I walked two aisles down.

Well, shit.

I walked up to the younger woman while the older woman waited in the pharmacy line.

“Hi…,” I said to her as I smiled and she smiled in response.

“Has anyone ever told you that you’re beautiful?” I asked

She shook her head no.

What? No one? Ever?

Since, I didn’t know who was asking me to speak with her I said, “Maybe a grandparent?”

She shook her head no again.

I was stumped. Who was talking to me?

“Well, you’re beautiful. I just wanted you to know that,” I said and I left while seeing the older woman walk up to the woman with whom I had just spoken.

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