Since both Bethany and I have the genetics to be a medium (talk to nonphysicals or deceased), it didn’t surprise me to know that Conor can also easily see and communicate with nonphysical people as well. I’m not sure if he’s a medium, in that it’s his purpose in life to communicate, but he can definitely see and hear nonphysicals.

Many times, we would put Conor to bed in his crib and he would point at his closet door and say, “Look, Gramma!” (or Mama or Papa). I would look and see some energy there, but it felt harmless and I would make sure I acknowledged what he was seeing. “Is that your friend, Conor?”

“Yes!” He would reply. Sometimes, Conor would blow kisses to the person standing next to the closet door.

“Well, goodnight, Conor’s friend!” I would say as I looked at the closet door.

We would all talk about the fact that Conor could see things that we did not immediately pick up on. I can see nonphysical people with my physical eyes, but it’s quick and I’m not usually expecting it. When I know a nonphysical person is standing near me, I will see more their energy than their physical appearance or facial structure.

Conor did not always acknowledge a nonphysical in his room. Sometimes, we’d go weeks without hearing him say, “Look!”

On occasion, I would feel a deceased person in the house and I would turn around to look behind me and see a nonphysical teenage boy with slightly reddish short hair. It would be so quick and he didn’t actually say anything. So I didn’t pursue conversing and I forgot about him.

One night, Bethany was putting Conor down for bed and he said, “Mama, look!”

She said, “Is that your friend?” Conor nodded and smiled. Bethany came into my room as I was putting away some laundry and said, “Come quick, the ghost is back!”

I mentally asked the nonphysical to remain where he was so I could grab my phone and take a quick picture. As I walked in and looked at Conor’s closet door, I could feel and see male energy. I took a picture and felt like he was smiling for my camera.

I sent the picture to my father, a medium as well, who can see facial features very well. I asked, “Do you see anything next to the closet door?”

He replied in the email, “Yes, I do. It’s a teenage boy with two different colors in his hair. Red being one of them. He looks happy and he has a connection to Conor. Maybe from his previous life. A friend maybe.”

So, we continued to acknowledge Conor’s friend and then one day, it seemed he left for good. Maybe he didn’t feel that he needed to see Conor anymore. Maybe he knew Conor would be OK and would, in fact, heal his previous life’s injuries.

Tami Urbanek; Author of Loving Conor; A Clairvoyant’s Memoir on Loving, Bonding and Healing

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