Chapter Excerpt-Healing Conor

Cover of the book loving Conor

Later that night, I thought about our conversation with Conor, which led me to remember my first encounter with an angry ghost. About three years before, my friend, Tiffiny, told me she was experiencing ghost activity in her house. She had previously spoken with Jonah about it, and he confirmed that there was the ghost of an angry murdered woman in her home. This enraged woman had been dead for over a hundred years and was holding onto three deceased children. These were not her children, but kids who she terrified to the degree that they were afraid to cross over into the light where they would be free from her control.

Jonah suggested to Tiffiny that we both assist the children, as the woman did not want any help. She wanted to stay angry and she wanted to keep the kids to herself.

A week after she told me what Jonah had said, I excitedly arrived at Tiffiny’s house to help the children and possibly find out why the woman was so mad. Jonah had told Tiffiny that the children were being held under the house and Tiffiny thought they might be too afraid to come up and into the main living area. I wasn’t excited about crawling under the house, but we went downstairs to the basement and crawled through the doorway. Using flashlights, I could see that there was just dirt and enough space to sit up without hitting our heads. I desperately hoped no spiders were crawling on me.

Sitting there we both took some time feeling the children’s presence, and we talked to the children whom we had then identified as two boys and one girl. They were very fearful of the older woman and she had trapped them with her threatening anger; they were too scared to defy her. Even though they were deceased, they felt imprisoned.

As we began speaking with the children, I could see them. One was wearing a striped shirt and was crying. He seemed to be three years old. The other boy was maybe seven years old and was not crying, but would not speak and seemed frozen in his fear. The girl appeared to be around six years old and was blonde. She was crying too and was in a state of terror.

Feeling immense sadness for these children and using a soft voice and offering them our compassion and protection, we were finally able to persuade them into leaving the woman’s angry control and to move into the light, to cross over. As we were doing this, we could feel the woman’s rage as we removed her control over the children. It took about two hours to persuade all three children to move on and after we felt that they had crossed over, Tiffiny smudged her house and I left to go to dinner with my parents.

Arriving at the restaurant, my dad said, “Who is the little girl with you?”

“What?” I asked.

“She’s trailing behind you and she seems to be six years old, blonde and her hair is in braids,” he said as he nodded and was looking behind me.

I then realized the little girl had followed me away from the house and I then mentally encouraged her to keep moving on.

That experience gave me insight to how angry a deceased person could be. That woman was so angry that she had trapped children in order to feel in control.

Remembering this, I wasn’t quite sure how to continue working with Conor given his anger. The angry woman didn’t want help but would Conor want our help? Ever?

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