What’s The Point?

I’ve heard a few people say that their friends or acquaintances say to them, “What’s the point of all this ‘healing’? Have you really ‘healed’ anything?” There is a lot to the point of healing. In my experience, healing involves everything.

When many people think of healing, they think of physical healing. Healing a disease or an injury of some sort comes to mind. When I think of healing, I typically think of healing on a mental, emotional and/or spiritual level. This is when many might roll their eyes or think, that’s weird or even that’s a waste of time. I wonder if many people perceive this type of healing as New Age or something similar.

So, what’s the point of healing? Everything. It allows me to see, address, and conquer different fears, obstacles, and frustrations. Healing gives me the tools to move beyond an obstacle with much less difficulty than perhaps ten years ago. It’s about my quality of life in general. I don’t want to wake up with anxieties, frustrations, or boredom. I don’t want to go to sleep with those either. I don’t want to walk through life in a fog where there is a great lack of excitement and passion. I want the opposite of all that. All the time.

Healing doesn’t mean never having a bad day, it means the bad day is not that big of deal. How many of us know someone who consistently blows things out of proportion? Why do they do that?

What is important to remember is that healing does not create a ‘perfect’ life. For one: ‘perfection’ is a relative term depending on who’s using it. For two: why try to achieve perfection? For what purpose? Our life is a continuum, it’s always evolving.

Also, it’s important to remember that healing does not JUST create positive results, but it ALSO prevents painful results. For example: what if you choose to become more aware of yourself and you set yourself on a journey of self-discovery? You might read some different books, attend some classes, interview different people on their journey, and self-reflect on a deep level. In this process, perhaps you develop a strong intuition that allows you to make wise choices that may make no sense to someone else watching you. What if a wise intuitive choice leads you to avoid a fatal car accident? What if your intuitive leads you to prevent a disease of some sort that may have been created otherwise? You may not know this immediately, but it was still prevented.

Is there risk involved in healing? You bet! You must risk your false perceptions of life and relationships (including your relationship with yourself). You might risk your personal relationships. I’ve seen where two friends or a couple unite in their similar pain. One person decides to change and the other doesn’t understand it. That relationship will change. But the long-term outcomes outweigh the short-term discomfort one may feel in his/her personal relationships and in life.

Healing is about being on a journey of self-discovery in order to begin a life of great passion, excitement, and joy. It’s as simple as that.

If you have a friend or acquaintance ask you, “What’s the point of all this ‘healing’?” Maybe you can reply, “So, I can feel better with each day and each year passing. It’s that simple.”

Tami Urbanek


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