Office phone: 719-488-2290

Skype Name: turbanek34

If you need a mailing address to mail a check, please email for that information.

Physical office address: 325 Second Street, Suite P, Monument, Colorado (this location does not accept mail)



I cannot guarantee that a deceased person will come through in any session, I simply open the energy and space to allow it to occur. Your guides are always available in sessions, however. Also, advice offered from guides and advice offered in Tai Yi appointments or coaching appointments DOES NOT replace medical advice, nor will advice be given regarding taking or ceasing medication of any kind. I cannot guarantee that you will like or agree with your guides’ advice. Sometimes the conscious mind wants to hear a specific message and your guides know you need to hear something different. This may create conscious conflict. In this case, I recommend sitting with the information and perhaps meditating on it.

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