Randi Fine Interviews Tami on BlogTalk Radio

Here you’ll hear Tami Urbanek talk about her work, including her book project, Silent Whispers.

A Fine Time For Healing

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Journey For Truth-Foster Care

Shenandoah found herself in foster care at age 13 after her mother never came home. She speaks of her experience, the trauma that many experience, and what needs to change. Listen to Shenandoah’s powerful and passionate interview on the American foster care system, which has currently 500,000 children.

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Universal Education Foundation Fundraiser/Party!

The Universal Education Foundation is turning 30 – come help us celebrate!!  We will be getting together with friends old and new for some great food and drink, a silent auction and raffle, and entertainment by Fatu Ladydrummer and her drum partners.  Funds raised will be used by the UEF to continue family education programs including the popular Bullying Recovery Workshop.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Living a Multi-Orgasmic Life

Antonia Hall teaches people how to have a multi-orgasmic life, literally. Not only is it important to heal ongoing anger, fear, and depression to feel whole and balanced, it helps one’s sex life. How can one have a full-bodied orgasm during sex and experience full intimacy with another person? Antonia explains how!

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MK-ULTRA Victim and Survivor on YouTube

*Special Episode* MK-Ultra is a CIA operation that the United States Congress addressed in 1975. It was said that it ended in 1973 and documents were leaked. It involves human torture, brainwashing, super soldiers, fatal weapons, and more. Operation Paperclip that came out of WWII allowed for Nazi scientists to safely come to the United States to continue their human experiments. Reports show that MK-Ultra was born from Operation Paperclip. Matthew Pauly has been tortured, drugged, sexually assaulted, abducted, and previously brainwashed. He states, “MK-Ultra never ended and is still going on.” Matthew has the courage to speak out against these human rights violations and is being punished for doing so. Listen to Matthew speak of his experiences and what he’s now doing about it.

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