If you need to cancel, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance

Phone and Skype sessions MUST pay at least 24 hours in advance. This tells me you are planning on calling in for your session. 

If you pay and then miss your appointment and you want to schedule a new appointment, you must pay again. Payments will not carry over

No refunds

For phone sessions, please call 719-488-2290 (unless otherwise stated) and Skype name is turbanek40@gmail.com~please tell me if you would like me to record your session for you

In-person appointments may pay in-person, but a missed appointment will still require a payment.


I cannot make a guarantee that a deceased person will arrive in the session. If this is the desire, I leave the space open to allow for that, but ultimately it’s up to the deceased if they desire to and/or are able to.

I cannot make the guarantee that you will like your guides’/Elders’ advice. The advice is offered to you as a soul, higher mind, lower mind, and conscious mind. Sometimes the conscious mind wants to hear a certain message, while the higher mind and soul determine what really needs to be communicated. This may create conflict within the conscious mind. I recommend arriving for your session with a clear mind and no agenda.

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