I have placed on my website and Genbook the *temporary* special fee for those who are being financially impacted by the ongoing COVID-19. This is not a ‘sale’ in my services, it’s an offering of assistance to those who desire it but are currently financially distressed. The regular fee is still on Genbook for those who feel they are not financially distressed. 


-For those who are already receiving coaching from me, remember you also have unlimited email support in between your sessions. Also, I DO offer couple’s coaching for those seeking to heal their current relationship. 

-If you are not receiving coaching, but simply need a word of encouragement – feel free to email me and I will offer encouragement and/or advice. I do not charge for this-never have. 

-On my Empowerment Through Healing Facebook page, I offer free advice. About every other week, I will post on the Facebook page for people to privately submit questions that I will answer with my advice and post (without the person’s name) on Facebook for everyone to read for their own assistance. Right now, I only post this on the Empowerment Through Healing Facebook page. I will be posting questions/advice today from questions already submitted. 

Now for the disappointing news: 

Given the level of panic and fear, I feel it’s wise to suspend any Tai Yi treatments at this time. Under the Colorado Governor’s Public Health Order, all *non-essential* services are to be temporarily suspended. This includes hair/nail salons, spas, tattoo and massage. 

I have resisted suspending Tai Yi because I do not consider it non-essential. Especially if a person has a cord or attachment or deeply desire to heal fear and anger-both of which lower the immune system. 

Alas, given the possible fee and jail time for performing certain services, I have suspended it for now. I look forward to learning new treatments and placing those on my website in the interim. 

If restrictions continue to broaden, I will move all guided and coaching sessions to Skype and phone. For now, I can still see people in my office. 

I know this is a time where many may not feel safe and secure. But remember the feelings of safety and security come from within. They do not come from the government. It comes from within and guides us to use wisdom in choosing services and products that help us build our immune system and add quality to our lives. 

Now more than ever is the time to heal ongoing anger, fear, anxiety and separation. The services I offer are one tool among many other tools that help guide you to that healing. 

I do not plan on going anywhere – only making adjustments as needed. 

I look forward to continuing to offer sessions with Philautia (the beings) and coaching. I look forward to resuming Tai Yi soon. 

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