coaching Spirit Session Tai Yi (Life Energy Flow)

Tami Urbanek

Tami Urbanek assists you in reaching your goals, dreams, and self awareness/empowerment through her work as a holistic healer. You may desire Tami’s services through her medium work to connect with your guides for life guidance and assistance. Another service Tami provides is Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. This is energy work similar to acupuncture (without the use of needles) to aid in healing a specific physical, mental, emotional ailment. The ailment may range from heart disease, imbalanced hormones, brain functioning to anger, depression and anxiety to many more.

Aside from this, Tami also offers coaching. This is a systematic and specific type of coaching which requires commitment on the client’s part to see results. When this occurs together, results can be significant!

One of Tami’s passions is her nonprofit work. She is the president of Universal Education Foundation, a 501 (c) (3). As the president, she is creating programs and bringing awareness for the need of bullying recovery, teen parenting classes, and support for single parents. For more information, go to the UEF’s website.

Read reviews on Tami’s work on her online scheduling site!

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