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Coaching, with Tami, a method in which to work on healing a particular area in your life. This can be in understanding energy, healing fear, anger, depression, lack of passion, disempowerment, body image, or other areas. This service can also be utilized to assist two people who want to heal their relationship with each other.

Tami only offers coaching services in areas she has learned herself through her own healing process. After having healed her own fear, self-perception issues, relationship issues, frustration, lack of passion, and former abuse from her first marriage, she can offer assistance to others.

Coaching is ongoing until the person feels he or she has identified and learned the amount they need to successfully move forward on their own.

Your coaching session will take place on Skype or Zoom and include what you did that worked, what needs to be attempted again (if applicable), and step by step process in what you are working on healing or accomplishing.

Unlimited email support between sessions.

Coaching is arranged ahead of time and can be booked on Genbook or directly through Tami.

Fee: $60 per session or $120 per session

Length of time per session: 30 minutes or 60 minutes

Inter-Life Exploration

Inter-Life exploration is working to identify and heal a significant difficulty/pattern/frustration that occurred in another incarnation (life).

Since all lives are occurring simultaneously, one can utilize meditation to navigate into another life experience and see and begin healing old energy that continues to surface in one’s life now.

This type of work is for those who want to or have already identified a life in which an event or series of events occurred that created a difficulty that continues to be experienced now. This type of work is not for those simply want to satisfy curiosity.


A person lost a loved one/s in another lifetime and now carries fear of loss. 

A person was betrayed in another life and now cannot or will not trust anyone, including self.

A person was abandoned in another lifetime and now fears abandonment for no apparent reason. 

Tami will take you through step-by-step in going to this lifetime and begin working with the aspect (you in another life) to overcome the fear, denial, anger that is still present in that aspect.

A person knows it’s working by seeing results in their current reality. They may see their feelings, interactions, relationships and fear all change.

For one to use this method effectively they need to be committed and consistent until completion. It is most helpful if the person can already meditate and visualize.

Coaching Testimonials

We worked with Tami each issue in a systematic and self empowering way. Week by week I could see my progress and see burden that did not belong to me to vanish. It looks that now I am closer to my real self. Next task with Tami is also to aknowledge my progress have pride in and celebrate what I have achieved. This will be my next coaching session. Thank you Tami
P.N. November 2014
I decided to seek coaching from Tami after I read her book. I realized she had healed many of the issues I’m currently working with, and had successfully created such an amazing joy filled life! I thought, “wow! I would love to have the tools to do that too!!”. I realized if I wanted to learn how to become strong and empowered I needed a strong, empowered, female to receive guidance from. And Tami is just that.
   I HIGHLY recommend coaching with Tami, especially if you are a young woman, trying to find your personal power. The biggest impact our 6 or so weeks had on me, was when we were complete, it was so solidified in me that I had CHOICE. If I didn’t like something about myself or my life, I could just change it! So simple!
   There was a moment I experienced which sums up everything I took from our coaching: I was laying down, and my back was really sore. I started to complain in my mind, but then realized- Wait. Why don’t I just stretch and massage my back, and see if that helps? So, I did. And it helped!  That small action, is something I would have never done in the past, and the effects of knowing I always have a choice in the outcome of my experiences, has rippled through to my job, relationships, and emotions, and health. I will definitely work with Tami again if I ever need special assistance with an area I’m working on healing! Thank you so much Tami!! With love and gratitude, RS 2014
As I work my issues with Tami through coaching sessions, I see healing quite simple. She is so supportive, insightful, simple and imaginative, she inspires and she has expository gift. I definitely recommend Tami to those searching for an honest and powerful healer. AK 2014
Through the work we did with Tami I found out that the most powerful healer is our selves. We just need a little push and if we are determined healing just occurs. What happened in my case is that i realized that I do not need any one to care care of me. I can take care of myself as all off us. Thank you Tami for the self empowerement sessions and for assisting me healing in my own way. PN 2014
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