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What is a cord?   A cord is an energetic attachment from one person to another person. The energetic attachment is NOT healthy and the person DOING the cording to another person can be alive (in the physical) or deceased (in the nonphysical). The person who IS CORDED by another will feel certain symptoms. Those symptoms can be and usually are added depression, added anger, added anxiety, added frustration, and added substance abuse or self-abuse in other ways.

The person DOING THE CORDING, meaning the person who has energetically attached to another person does so on purpose for various reasons. First, it can be done consciously (with known intent) or without clearly knowing that he or she is cording another person. However, the person is doing the cording wants something from the other person. That can be to obtain a substance high (if the person being corded is a substance abuser/addict), to feed off of anger, to continue another person’s anger, to convince the person to commit suicide, or to continue abuse that may have occurred in the physical prior. The reasons are many and the person DOING the cording may or may not know the other person personally.

Being corded can lead to suicidal thoughts as well. The person doing the cording takes energy from the other person and the corded person feels depleted of energy. Sometimes, the person who is corded will feel physical sensations (uncomfortable) in the area the cord is attached. That can be headaches, stomachaches, pulled muscles, pinched nerves, among other physical issues. These physical issues do NOT mean a cord is present if one is thinking, “am I corded?” It means the cord can create physical uncomfortableness in the area where the cord is attached. The cord is usually attached around the chest area, back area, or stomach area.

A cord can be removed two ways. Through awareness and then personal healing on why the cord was allowed. A cord can only attach when there are emotional injuries that have continued on unexamined and it weakens the energy field. When a person is aware of influence and proactively begins healing the issues that led to a weak energy field, that person can slowly remove the cord. What the person is doing is slowly stopping the energy from going to the cord and the cord can eventually ‘fall off’.

The quickest way is through Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. Working with a certified practitioner, who has been taught to remove cords, can remove a cord through the ancient technique of Tai Yi. Tai Yi works with grid and meridian system to weaken and remove the cord. A cord is not just attached to the physical body, but is attached within the meridian system and must be removed from the meridians in a specific manner.

Most people who have a cord removed by a practitioner will also have a Tai Yi treatment, Sea Wave. The treatment, Sea Wave, works at calming the body, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It creates clarity for the person and assists the person to reject the cord if it tries to re-attach (which it can, if the person is not working on the issue that led to the cord). If you feel you may be corded, you can schedule an appointment with a qualified Tai Yi practitioner and he or she can determine that.

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For more information on what a cord is and how it attaches and interferes with a person’s quality of life read the article below in PDF format, written by Hossca Harrison.

reprinted at Empowerment Through Healing with permission from the author

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