About Tami

I believe we can live in a reality of peace and love. I also know we live in a world of ‘unseen’ energy all around us. That energy can communicate. In a session with me, you’ll be guided to see what difficulties continue to linger (from current or past events) and what steps you can take to heal. Life is about empowerment. Being empowered means living in our own power to enjoy our pathway, learning, growth and relationships. It means having moved beyond the old. Learning never ends, it only gets easier.

I have been enrolled in Life Energy Flow-Tai Yi School of Healing since April 2008. Email for more information on Tai Yi treatments to assist in healing.

My Background
My husband and I enjoy a simple lifestyle at home and have been married for over 25 years. We both enjoy traveling, exploring, hiking, wine and enjoying life. Our daughter is grown and out on her own with her son.

I spent over 12 years working in public and private education and I earned three college degrees from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. BA in Psychology, MA in Special Education, and MA in Public Administration-Nonprofit Management.

Tami is certified in A.S.I.S.T. – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, SafeTalk, and Mental Health First Aid (for youth and adults)

You can email Tami at: tamiurbanek@hotmail.com

No information EVER replaces medical advice from a medical professional. No information/recommendations will be given to take or cease any type of medications. Medical questions need to be directed to a medical professional.

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