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Fees are listed below—NO REFUNDS —If you have any difficulties booking your appointment, please email at


Payments need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment or it may get cancelled. For questions, please email Tami at


Tami’s Post-Guided Session Coaching (15 minutes): $30 -See the description of this offer on the Guided Session page

Tami’s Coaching Service-$65 

Guide Group-$60 pp (CAN BE DONE ON ZOOM)

Guided Session-55 minutes WITH OR WITHOUT AN MP3-$135 

30 Minute Guided Session WITH OR WITHOUT an MP3-$85 

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi Session-$135 (email to schedule ) 

Guided Session-55 minutes and Tai Yi Session Combined-$270 (email to schedule)

30 Minute Guided Session and Tai Yi Session-$220 (email to schedule)

Payments accepted: cash, check, or card (in-person or online)

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