Tai Yi Treatments

Tai Yi does not replace medical advice and attention.

Partial List of Available Tai Yi Treatments from Tami

Advanced Treatments

Revolution of Life Energy Points (one –> seven below) are what most people call ‘chakras’. The term used here is Revolution of Life Energy Point. Each treatment is a stand-alone treatment. Many people will only need one treatment for the main energy point that is stagnant. The energy point centers that are above and below the main stagnant one can correct themselves after the treatment has integrated (assuming internal changes were made following the treatment). These treatments have a short integration time period of only 24 hours. 

Revolution of Life Energy Point #1 (NEW)

Point #1: Root

When the root energy point is out of balance, it wobbles instead of just rotating. When it does that, it hits the one above and moves that one out of balance. The symptoms: not grounded/focused, problems with legs/feet/rectum/anus/constipation/tailbone/hemorrhoids/arthritis in hips/pubic bone area.

Tendency to carry much stress about financial security and can easily be influenced by negative energies.

When IN BALANCE – feel creative energies, do not procrastination, focused and grounded and enjoy what you are doing.

What causes this point to go out of balance?

People who are not grounded and look to others to take care of them are the two primary factors. That does not mean one goes through a difficult time and asks for assistance (asking for assistance is positive). It goes out of balance due to chronic issues. All of these start slowly.

To rebalance, one needs to change whatever caused the imbalance.

Revolution of Life Energy Point #2 (NEW)

Revolution of Life Energy Point #2: Giving and Receiving

Stagnant symptoms – sexual and reproductive health issues/cancer, urinary/kidney problems, hip/pelvic pain, inability to fully express positive emotional energies, tendency to developing STDs

Those who have an impacted energy point 2, will use sex to get what they want/manipulate/control/approval/sex addiction/etc

A balanced energy point includes physical intimacy as an equal exchange of energy – healthy.

Very strongly tied to emotional body

Giving and receiving (equally) is not just with physical intimacy. It has to do generally. Sharing with others equally.

Revolution of Life Energy Point #3 (NEW)

Revolution of Life Energy Point #3: Solar Plexus

Typically very sensitive – stagnant solar plexus have digestive problems, higher rate of intestinal issues, pancreas, gallbladder, carry a deep fear of rejection (willing to accept negative to be accepted) – most prone to be corded/influenced.

A healthy one has a good digestive system, feel empowered, do not allow ones to take your power; what do you absorb in life? Other people? Or life itself? How do you choose to digest life? Digest emotions?

Intricate energy – separates nutrients from waste. When absorb emotions (from others), how long do you carry them? Do you carry any form of emotional impact from childhood?

Learn to let the old go. Many don’t do that.

Predominant energy in impacted solar plexus is guilt. Religion plays upon guilt. Guilt bends the mental body – bends the reflection from mind to something that is not there. How do you process environmental/societal/emotional pressures. Who are you? What if enlightenment is knowing who you are? If you did not fear emotional repercussions, how hard would it be for you to manipulated/controlled?

Revolution of Life Energy Point #4 (NEW)

Revolution of Life Energy Point #4: heart center

The lung is more center in the heart center than the actual heart. When energy point #4 is stagnant, one may have a weakness towards asthma, upper back, heart issues, constant fear of being alone (even if surrounded by people). When stagnant, is when people are least willing to accept spiritual guidance.

A healthy energy point #4, very open to guidance and to be loved and the center is a brilliant gold. To be loved for who you are – ones may try to be loved for what they are NOT. How does that interfere with #4 center? What they are not may or may not be hidden.

Do you keep a wall around you for fear of being hurt?

Also known as a spiritual balancer – bringing the emotional/mental into the physical.

The soul has a plan that begins at conception all the way to adulthood. Within the path one is presented with different choices. To achieve what you started out to achieve. As a soul, ones didn’t come here out of curiosity. Came here to experience something – whatever that is. If you’re following the soul pathway, presented with different choices.

Example: age 25 and following the pathway the soul chose and what if at 25, more influenced by society. And the soul knows it’s time to shift to another level of consciousness. What if that choice doesn’t fit within the society belief system accepted. And use their boundaries to block that person (who can assist in another level of consciousness). Am I blocking the continuation of the pathway of the soul? Become so far away from soul path, it actually begins to disappear and something takes on a form.

– So, could a mental boundary interfere with the journey of the soul?

Like energy attracts like energy – attracted something into one’s reality for a reason.

What if a healthy energy point #4 was so powerful, clear, working without any disturbance – and it naturally repelled external energies/events that are negative?

If you have a fully operational (healthy) heart/lung/balancer, it repels energy that is not appropriate for you. And attracts energy that is appropriate for your learning.

How do you maintain a balanced 4th energy center? How do you maintain a balance in the legs? Balance it by using it. The more use it, the stronger it becomes and can become very powerful. What are my brain’s social beliefs? It is much easier to follow social programming.

A balanced 4th energy center is balanced by using it. That’s how one maintains the balance. It’s a brilliant gold color.

Revolution of Life Energy Point #5 (NEW)

Revolution of Life Energy Point #5: throat/expression

When this energy is stagnant, one may have thyroid issues, chronic sore throat, ear infections, pain in neck and shoulders, difficulty in expressing to be understood.

A healthy energy point is to have a clear voice, easy to speak truth in balance; balance of expression; authentic, pure

What is the difference between mental and emotional expression? Ideally, mental and emotional are expressed with in balance of each other. When you do one much more so than the other, it’s imbalanced. Introverted vs extroverted. Having a balance between the two is healthy. When expressing something mentally, you need to feel it. With emotions.

Expression (out of balance) can also be used as a weapon – rigid expressions, rules/regulations, judgments on speech itself. Filled with unconscious programs that rely on expression in society.

If you can control how one communicates, you can control the mind, mental and emotional bodies.

When you can communicate through the mental body in balance with emotional body, is when people get the message you’re sending.

What does indoctrinated expression look like?

When you communicate mentally, attempting to program something into mental body.  When add emotions to it, people will feel it. Letting go of socially programmed brain.  How many get wound up over something and go back to mental energy and make same choice on repeat.

How has programming affected you? How do you use your voice? What if what you have to say is unacceptable to others? Do you silence yourself? To use 5th energy point, it affects ALL energy points.

A voice takes an energy and brings into physical.

If someone wants to express themselves but don’t quite know how, start with Energy point #4 THEN #5.

Revolution of Life Energy Point #6 (NEW)

Revolution of Life Energy Point #6: third eye

It has the ability to see the future. It’s already happened, we’re just catching up to it. This must be balanced with emotions. The third eye has a tendency to be mental. To be understood. Blending the mental with emotional energies in a balanced manner.

When that energy point is stagnant, symptoms are: frequent headaches, blurred vision, prone to sinus infections, moody/stubborn, will try to create a future with social standard beliefs (instead of inner knowingness – creating a future of pain).

In balance: much patience, carry vision of soul future, live at peace in knowing soul future.

How mental is your vision of life? For most that is a predominant energy – very mental. They try to fit the vision for a future they do not understand. Let’s say a glimpse of soul future, does the mind make it mental? Force the vision and force the different parts?

How much stress do you carry? 1-10 (1 being very low; 10 almost a heart attack) – what is the stress based on? Based on a mental vision? How many have healthy patience?

Patience in a process of creating. What if many of greatest obstacles and detours are the result of impatience? Virtually everyone wants to create in life. Do you absorb beliefs from friends/family/society? If so, is that the energy you’re creating with?

When look at past, use energy point #6, a healthy point #6. When created a past relationship, whose blueprint were you following (traditional beliefs/social conditioning) or was it all you? What energy led to that reality? Particularly if it was a painful relationship. All types of relationships.

 What relationship was chosen with parents?

What if you don’t have what it takes to create the vision you carry? Do you attempt to force what you don’t have to create that reality? Patience? All experience time differently. Do you enjoy your time? Or does it stress you out? Does time control you – your thoughts and emotions? How much mental stress does your time create for you? Drama and turmoil?

If you cannot enjoy the moment, then you will NOT enjoy your future. If the moment is filled with drama/trauma. That will be my future. Unless you change the drama/trauma/turmoil going on in life now.

Patience has a very soothing energy. It creates peace in the creative process. How many stretch their lives out so much – just not enough time to get anything done. Do you prepare?

Being Prepared – using your time wisely. Learning to be patient is the key to mastering joy. A healthy point #6

 A healthy energy point core is translucent and can see it spinning. An injured energy point does not change color but looks polluted.

Excessive worry energy makes third eye very mental and then easier to absorb others’ consciousness.

Revolution of Life Energy Point #7 (NEW)

Revolution of Life Energy Point #7: crown

The core of the crown sits inside where the skull merges together (after birth) – the skull goes through the center of the point.

When out of balance: mental issues, rigid thoughts, analyze to the point of mental paralyses, looping, strokes and brain cancer. Mental forgetfulness

Clear energy point: clear thoughts and live within knowingness and easily able to connect to higher self. What is the source of your wisdom? Where do you create from? What guides your life?

Brain is like your hardware. Do you use the proper software? The mind is the software. If it doesn’t fit with the brain or brain does not fit with mind, you have problems. Designed to operate in own intelligence, not social media.

Looping can be seen as a type of over-heating. Does life burn you out? Goes back to enjoying time. Create a reality always short of time?

Do you try to fit who you are in a different size hole? What do you need to let go of? To heal? If you don’t need to let go of something, then nothing to heal.

Why do you perceive it’s difficult to let go of something. People hold onto something because they attach their identity to it. Do you try to fit yourself into a life-style/pattern that is not yours?

What is appropriate for you?

The 7th energy point works with the brain and mind and the emotions.

Children of Change (NEW and coming soon)

This treatment is for physical, mental, and emotional harm brought about by changes in the earth, environment, and society. This treatment is for children and the child in the adult—no age limit.

Good for kids who may be in the middle of battle (parents), mentally/emotionally abused in school by bullies (peers/adults) – also for adults who are a black sheep. There is no age limit.

This works with physical, emotional, mental meridians: Primary energy

When child has emotional/mental harm done, meridians begin to constrict. Much easier for them to become what someone else wanted.

Black sheep of the family/school/society

After the treatment, the person will feel lighter around the skull for the most part – also in the body, but mostly in the head/brain.

Initiating Light (NEW and coming soon)

When starting a new phase of life (that is creating awareness of a new phase of life by being aware of all parts of self), this treatment helps prepare the foundation of your new adventure, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. When have solid foundation, cannot be shaken off of it. When others are against you, they cannot shake your foundation. The stronger the foundation, the longer your house stand.

Universal Cells (NEW)

Humans are multicellular, complex organisms. The cells inside our bodies are “specialized.” This means that each type of cell performs a unique and special function. For this reason, each of the 200 different types of cells in the body has a different structure, size, shape, and function. BUT Universal Cells (UC) are beyond our 30 trillion human cells. UC are in the thousands. They are distinct and have another purpose and function. This treatment balances out these cells. This treatment can also open you up to new and very different experiences (when you allow it); it can help broaden your consciousness to include different perspectives and understandings in life.

Progression (NEW and coming soon)

The treatment assists you in putting your reality into order. This treatment is perfect for people who live in the past or future and avoid the now.

Because they’re living in the past, they keep re-creating the past over and over (same type of relationship, for example). When they live in the past, very easy to predict the future. ‘Living in the future’ means manifesting past into the future.

Regression (NEW and coming soon)

This treatment is for people who have allowed themselves to regress based on others’ desire for them to NOT change.

Not all people will be receptive to this treatment. If a person is heavily invested in being accepted by others, they may not want to create change for themselves if it means losing that ‘acceptance’.

Many times, ones will regress so they feel they are accepted. How important is it to be accepted? By work, community, family. Symptoms usually begin with mental energy, anger, resistance to change – emotionally have a tendency to become more depressed. Easier to accept overall consciousness of their environment – community, partner, employment.

Usually very important to be accepted. Especially if known in the community, example: business owner in the community or large family. Desire to be accepted vs. lowering frequency in reality. Sometimes it feels “good” to regress.

When a person sees they have regressed their positive change in order to please others, and want to move forward and re-create momentum, this treatment will help.

Hell’s Deception (NEW)

This treatment is about transcending your hell from whatever time. It works with the mind and brain, physical and emotional. When you take a step towards the positive, an equal opposite polarity is presented. Hell’s Deception works on judgment when moving forward and leaving the past behind. Hell becomes its greatest deception when living in the now. It’s always important to drink a lot of water after a treatment; with this treatment, it’s even more important. Drink lots of water!

Splitting of the Brain Parts 1 & 2 (one-three hours apart) (NEW)

This treatment is about healing the issue of being pulled in two directions at once over a long period. It also helps identify where the two directions come from in your life cycle.

If you are confused now, you’ll end up in a confused future reality.

Going back and forth between different consciousness – again and again. It’s not healthy for the brain. Confusing to consciousness/brain.

Also helps with one who creates momentum and then gets pulled back due to genetic/brain programming.

It’s in two parts because working on one part of brain in one part, then second part. Will assist in clarity and consciousness in what you want to create! What you NEED to create. This will assist to bring clarity to consciousness where I am and where I am going.

Healing Of One (NEW)

This is great for ones who encountered a negative event and they’re not feeling emotionally well.  Helps balance energy and feel on a deeper level. Can feel more at peace. If feel impacted from energy absorbed during sleep will help dispel that energy.

Wait 5-7 days for any body work of any kind.

Recipient of Abuse (NEW)

This is for people who have been abused for **WAKING UP** — this is NOT for childhood abuse, spousal abuse, etc. This is specifically for people who begin to question the status quo, what they’ve been told most of their life, religion, etc. If a person begins to question the status quo and they’re abused for it from family, friends, society, or others, then this treatment helps provide a temporary protection so the person can get centered and more balanced, thus movement forward in life. The abuse can be physical, mental, emotional. The treatment helps protect one from the emotional and mental abuse (obvious or subtle).

Anger From Future’s Past (NEW)

Anger occurs in cycles. From past –> future –> moment cycle. Each cycle carries its own frequency. This treatment can help one to stop blaming others for their anger. This will feel like a burden has been lifted. This condensed anger is a set of frequencies. This treatment may need to be repeated for deeper integration. This assists with cycle MOST interfering in life.

Immunity of Self-Physical Body 

Helps with strengthening the immune system as the physical body communicates/connects with mental and emotional bodies.

Immunity of Self-Mental Body 

This helps assist in settling the energy that is rigid. As the mental body quiets down to listen, one can seek the truth. What are you looking for? Truth or lies. Truth is in the heart. Lies are in the belief system. This helps create a ‘quiet’ in order to feel truth and see the lies that have been believed.

Immunity of Self-Emotional Body 

This assists with the emotional body to assist it to feel and also feel the mental body and back to emotional body. This can open one up for passion in life and heart purpose. This will bring opportunities to express passion – if you’ve had only a glimpse of heart path this can brighten that spark.

Dying With Dignity 

This is NOT to prepare one for physical death. This is about death of the old. Do you have a long-standing pattern that keeps repeating itself in a painful manner? Maybe you’re unsure of its origin so you may attempt to heal the symptoms? This allows for the surface of the actual difficulty in order for a cleansing. It’s great for those who tend to think they ‘can’t’ get over something or achieve joy.

Dis-Eased Reproductive Organs 

Works with the reproductive organs (male and female). Email Tami for more information

Dis-Eased Blood 

Works with the blood. Email Tami for more information

Dis-Eased Ancestors 

Works with inherited conflicts (dis-ease) from ancestors. Email Tami for more information

Cellular Confusion -Must have Cellular Tranquility done after to work

This treatment, Cellular Confusion, works with the immune system of the body. Specifically, the part that works with attacking and killing foreign cells that invade the body every day.

Cellular Tranquility 

This treatment MUST have Cellular Confusion done first then to follow it. This is also a stand-alone treatment. BUT if one has Cellular Confusion, they must have Cellular Tranquility.

The body is constantly creating new cells-on average every 7 years-this helps cells to maintain their tranquility-as one ages, new cells can be misaligned in energy, creating weakness.

Timing-three hours to three days apart with Cellular Confusion.

The I Within 

Works with assisting one to know self, meaning the inner self to create clarity as to messages you receive. Is the message from the inner self or a thought projection?

Thought projection vs. a programmed self: programmed self can be front and center instantly-communicate with pictures. Can hear something and see a different kind of picture than what is being described-can have deep programs (communicate in pictures) or shallow programs (running 24/7)-every program has formed a protective mechanism-you try to pull it out and it sticks its claws in deeper.

The I Within works with the programmed self by exchanging pictures.

If have programmed self or issue, it’s connected to multiple pictures.

Can change the program by changing the picture with something that is a positive with self.

Like energy attracts like energy-have to look within self what you attract-if you want to create a healthy you-have to see what to change to attract the healthy you-

Have to get rid of some pictures or expectations.

Synchronized Life –  Two Parts

This begins synching the brain’s master clock right away with the organs’ clocks. It harmonizes them. It takes work is changing routine to be in balance with nature.

Example: clock is off with the liver and have this treatment done. The body has been programmed to wake up at a specific time (1am-3am). The person will have to work through this time and it can take a while to begin blending but brain clock itself begins synching right away. (side effects: anxiety, upset, anger)

Timing: (optimal) two days apart; BUT can do parts 1 and 2 four days apart if having side effects

One who may benefit from this treatment: one who lacks energy, lacks creative energy as well, everything is a struggle, body is out of sync with consciousness.

The Age of Innocence

This treatment opens channels in your brain to begin to remember a time when you were full of innocence, meaning before the energy of guilt took over.

 This is a ‘feel good’ treatment when someone is feeling down or discouraged through self-comparison. For people who have got caught up in fakeness and propaganda. If one was continually insulted by a parent/s or angry parent and developed guilt. This pain is now present. This treatment is not a permanent type of treatment-it will bring up the feeling of innocence to overpower the energy of guilt. It gives a breather in order to feel that innocence to motivate to working on healing guilt and the old energy. If you use the energy ONCE and work on that energy-it can be a powerful tool.

Stress Gene Syndrome 

Some have a genetic tendency to have worry and stress-over taxes the adrenals. Main issue with endocrine disorder. Those who would be good for this treatment have repetitive shock responses. Do you have a tendency to be shocked/flood of energy when something happens. Observe shock responses-and adrenaline. How much of it is environmental and how much is self-contained?

This does not decrease stress genes, it helps the rest of the body to work and flow with that level of stress so it’s not stressing the body-adrenals.

Adrenals, kidneys, pancreas, intestines, heart, liver usually in that order for most people.

Will feel more relaxes, head will feel lighter, feel more physical sensations in feet, some will break out in laughter-feel some relief

Peaceful Brain 

This will assist the second brain to more fully develop without needing an injury to occur

What are hidden abilities? What lies are there? What you have is a done deal.

What you do with what you have is not a done deal.

This assists in accessing part of brain that is part of authenticity

Toxic Entity-2 parts

This treatment is for those who have been been around toxic people. These people can be physical or nonphysical. This repairs the a person’s energy field which can help in not attracting toxic people again (when the underlying difficulty is also examined). Parts 1 and 2 can be done two hours to two days apart.

This may be a good treatment for those who get corded quite often.

Astral Body Cleanse-2 parts

If a person tends to ‘leave their body’ quite often or did so in childhood-usually as a form of escape-the person is highly likely to attract energetic parasites. This collects over time-each time-a person attempts to escape by ‘leaving their body’. This treatment will cleanse one of those energetic parasites.

Dispersing the Past from the Future

Many have a tendency to take their past events and project them into their future. This can occur on a relationship, work, or other personal level. When a painful event happens, one may continue to carry that pain or conflict and project it into the next day, week, year.

This treatment assists with clearing that energy so one can create their future with clarity of energy.

Purifying Puberty

This treatment is for those who had a painful time during their time of puberty. This will cleanse the painful energy, thus allowing the person’s current (instead of old) energy to replace it.

Nervous and Endocrine System Harmony-2 parts

When a person has a strong tendency to live in their mind and/or brain rather than their heart, it can create an imbalance in their system. This treatment will help bring a balance to their nervous and endocrine system.

Parts 1 and 2 can be completed 1-7 days apart.

Living With Life

(2 parts)
This treatment will energetically assist your intestines. Your intestines need microbes (though this does not ADD microbes) to properly function and communicate effectively with the brain.
Are you working on shifting out of an old consciousness? Perhaps one of fear, resistance, anger? You’ll want your intestines functioning at a high level to support change.
This treatment works directly with the intestines and parts 1 and 2 must be completed 7 days apart.

For one week prior, do NOT consume any probiotics of any kind or foods/drinks that act as probiotics. This allows your intestines to rest prior to the treatment. More information will be given when the treatment is scheduled.

Mind Brain Bond

This is a THREE-PART treatment that works with deeply connecting your brain and your mind. The effects can be a sense of calm, less chatter, deeper connection, and feel like you’re coming out of a cold winter and into a warm spring. This treatment is intense and each part can be from 24 hours to a 7-days apart.

Revelations From the Core Issue


This will assist you in revealing your core issue. The core issue is an issue that comes up again and again and interferes in a quality life. The core issue is very individual to you. Some examples may be: sabotaging a relationship, getting terminated from jobs, money difficulties, self-punishment, self-sabotage, among many others. The core issue can begin surfacing to the conscious mind during the treatment so the person can begin effectively addressing it following the treatment. Parts 1 and 2 can be completed 3 hours to 3 days apart.

Toxic Bond

This treatment is in TWO-PARTS and is for those who are ready to heal and get on with their life after experiencing a toxic relationship. This can be any past relationship that still energetically influences or interferes with creating a future healthy relationship. Parts 1 and 2 can be completed 24 hours to 9 days apart.

Ancestral Power

This treatment redirects your ancestral power, the power collected through your ancestral heritage. Throughout ancestral heritage history there is power and knowledge and collective energy. This redirects or realigns ancestral power. Different abilities they had, you also have to different degrees. This will assist that energy to come forward and you can tune into it. For example: maybe an ancestor had the ability to learn multiple languages. You’ll begin feeling what the ability is. This will assist in manifesting predominant genetic abilities from your ancestors.

The Guilt Gene

Every culture has institutions to implant guilt. This treatment helps to move the consciousness out of guilt and set up shield of protection from self and guilt projections from society and corporations. The guilt gene is part of cultural and ancestor heritage. This treatment will send a lot of energy around and through the gene itself. If one carries a lot of guilt around love, have the Guilt of Love treatment three days before Guilt Gene. If you are guilty of something you did, work on forgiveness. This treatment is for those who feel guilty but have not done something for which they are guilty.

Pain Gene

If you are planning to receive Joy Gene, that must be done first within one month of Pain Gene. This gene regulates how much pain you experience. Like circuits and signals go through there. Some are greatly magnified and some are tripled. This always comes from the female/mother’s side of the family and can become dominant.

There can be one pain, but multiple perceptions of pain. The different perceptions of pain can vary to large degrees and can vary due to mental programming.

Joy Gene

This treatment empowers the perception of joy, thus allowing one to feel more joy in what they create. Most people want to feel joy in the creation of others. Will assist in the feeling and perception of feeling of joy in your creation. May create joy but not recognize it, suppress it. But then also people create artificial joy, that leads to guilt and punishment. That can be in placing something in the body to feel joy (substance). This allows joy to come forth, it allows the perception to increase.

Reawaken the Dead Dragon

This will assist one to release the fear of commitment. It may bring up strong reactions, if one has an issue with commitment. This includes relationships, but it’s much more than that. It’s also a commitment to yourself-to accomplish something-healing, learning.

This can reawaken something that was awake before. Reawakening your soul/heart purpose. Can be very easy to commit to escapism, it gives temporary pleasure to the body and it becomes more of a habit/addiction. Commitment to self is about honoring of self.

If someone has this treatment and says, “I want to release fear of commitment…except for that…” they will have a strong reaction to the treatment and it will likely be anger. In this case, best to not do the treatment at all.

Shadow Self

This treatment is in THREE parts. This can be completed ONE week to FOUR weeks apart for each part-must be consistent between all parts.

This sends healing energy to shadow self-includes bringing awareness of what we hide from our consciousness, including abilities. Also, what we hide from our physical, internal, and spiritual abilities can lead to dis-ease within the 12-body system.

This works with the physical, mental, emotional, astral, and etheric bodies. Your dream state may become more active and certain issues may begin subsiding.

Shadow Personalities

This sends healing energy to a soul aspect who needs it the most. For more information and description on soul aspects, visit my blog post at: Soul Aspects

For example, if you had a lifetime in which you were betrayed and that part of you still carries anger and trust issues, the energy from this treatment will go to the soul aspect who experienced that betrayal. You’ll begin seeing and feeling things change within you as your healing is occurring.

Purging the Shadow Speakers

This treatment is in TWO parts and can be done ONE to THREE days apart.

Shadow speakers can be a group of voices. Speakers show up to create influence one away from the current direction. They’re a nuisance. If you find yourself hearing an inner voice discouraging you, it’s likely the shadow speaker. Sometimes this can be a group effort. For the most part, a singular voice and sometimes the voice is transmitted as a feeling (better not do ‘this’). You may also hear, “It’s not worth your effort, you don’t have the ability.”

There is a concerted effort in this third dimension for people to suffer. Entities want others to suffer. These voices are saying, “do not listen to your inner-self.”

This will bring in conscious awareness of what needs to be healed. The shadow speakers want to use the illusion against people. They feed on suffering. Artificial warnings usually mimic your weakness. If the weakness is, “I just want to be spiritually pure” the voice will come through that way. If the weakness is harsh on self, then the artificial voice will come through that way.

A true inner voice is consistent. This will help in clarity in your hearing-it becomes very clear to you what is you and what is a shadow speaker. This then begins fading away.

Truth Anxiety 

This treatment depletes anxiety that is caused by attempting to awaken inner truth. The anxiety is the result of denial and resistance to change. If you are in denial of something that is true within yourself and you’re confronted with the truth, it creates anxiety. For some, they already know what that truth is. For some, it can uncover the truth to become more conscious. Also those who are taught to live a lie have a level of anxiety. If ones are taught to suppress expression, there will be a level of anxiety. This will help deplete that anxiety.

Bonding Intelligence (2 parts)

Parts 1 and 2 can be done 1 hour to 24 hours apart

This treatment works with the prefrontal cortex. How is the past influencing current choices? Do you carry around past trauma and inserting it into the current time frame, thus creating more trauma? Do you carry an expectation of pain because pain is what has occurred in the past? This will bring clarity to which lies (life is painful is an example) one is still holding onto in order to directly address the lie and heal it. This can help one see beyond the ‘blinders’ in order to see different directions, angles, and choices.

Hell of a Brain 

This treatment changes the brain slowly and methodically. It helps the adjustment after a trauma has occurred or another strong event that is not necessarily a trauma. Those who have difficulty with focus and comprehension can benefit from this treatment. This can also help uncover passion and that which is deeply held in the brain. One may feel a sense of peace after this treatment.

Love Obstruction

Many times when two people enter into a relationship, they bring old patterns which can disrupt the new relationship. This treatment assists in helping two people understand the old patterns and begin clearing out the old and finding a common passion. If both are desiring this treatment, it’s best to have it on the same day together. This can also assist one who is not in a current relationship. It will help one come to understand old patterns and help begin clearing those in order to, later, establish a new and healthy relationship.

Balancing The Etherical Body

This treatment will assist you in seeing (through dreams and/or visions) what you are creating that you do not want to manifest in your physical reality. That could be disease, accidents, money issues, relationship issues, or more. Everything is created in the Etherical body before it manifests in the physical body or reality. With this treatment, you can catch it and heal it before it becomes a reality.

False Identity

This treatment is a brain treatment that will assist a person in understanding and identifying how they created a false identity (usually in childhood) and how to heal it. It begins to help you break away or chip away at the false identity in order to begin seeing and expressing your authenticity. This is not to be confused with multiple personality.

Rebirthing the Liver of Life

This works with the physical and etherical liver. If one has abused their liver through anger (most common) or substance abuse AND they have stopped that abuse and/or are working to heal the anger, this treatment will help rebuild the functioning of the liver.

Healing The Broken Door 

Healing the Back Door Tai Yi treatment. This helps tune the meridians to Universal Love by healing areas that are stagnate. Where there is stagnation, one area may have too much energy and another area not enough. This can create anger and looping or recycling of old emotions and energies. This works with that to bring one into balance and feel universal love. One will feel rejuvenation.

Healing The Bastard

This treatment is for anyone who was unwanted as a child. Perhaps you were ‘supposed’ to be a different gender, maybe an unexpected pregnancy, or your parents just didn’t know what to make of you or know how to love you. You could have been clothed, educated, and fed well, but significantly lacking in love from family. This is a powerful new treatment to begin the healing process of feeling unwanted and unvalued.

Cultivating The Mind 

This treatment helps recover ancient memories. It opens the channel between the mental body and brain to bring energy to the consciousness. This could be suppressed memories from this life or from another life.

Sanitizing the Brain 

The two parts can be 48 hours to 7 days apart.

This two part treatment works with the BBB (Blood brain barrier) to strengthen it. People who experienced an illness, long-term dehydration, long-term cell phone use, and computer usage can greatly benefit from this treatment.

Mending the Broken Cycle of Death 

This treatment can help a person stop blaming issues on a past life or past life experiences. The Broken Cycle of Death keeps one in their ‘wall’, or a constant obstacle to change.

Ancestor Ritual Pain-Parts 1-2 

Parts 1-2 can be 2 hours to 72 hours apart

This works with the DNA of the physical and emotional bodies. When a person carries a genetic weakness of any kind (anything from depression to heart disease to diabetes, etc.), and has NOT yet manifested the weakness, can benefit from this treatment. This works at healing the genetic weakness and can strengthen the genetic strengths as well. This must be completed BEFORE the weakness has developed in the body. If a person carries more than one genetic weakness and has manifested one, but not the other, this treatment can still work at healing the second weakness that has not yet developed.

Re-powering The Core Parts 1 and 2 

Parts one and two can be offered 24 hours to 7 days apart.

This primarily works with the spirit and emotional bodies. It helps blend the energies when a person had been feeling passion for life, but lost it somehow. This is for those who are burnt out spiritually and emotionally. It’s important to understand how and why the passion was lost.

Dirty Brain

This TWO-PART treatment is designed to assist a person in healing their leaky gut. Leaky Gut Syndrome interferes with digestion and absorption of nutrition and supplements. Some indicators of LGS are inflamed joints, poor digestion and/or elimination, allergies, thyroid issues, autoimmune issues, mood issues, inflammatory skin issues are a few symptoms. Parts one and two can be offered 3 hours to 72 hours apart.

Link of Destruction

Link of Destruction is a THREE-PART treatment that is designed to release an energetic link that is attached to the cerebellum and into the temporal lobe of the brain. The link comes from a non-physical person (most of the time) and it feeds into anger, depression, and memory issues. This is done through synapses, the chemical communication of neurons. A person with a link may find he or she is doing something against his or her own natural personality or hear thoughts (in one’s own voice) that are sabotage or angry thoughts. Each part can be done 24 hours to 36 days apart and must be consistent.

Stress of Death

Stress of Death is TWO-PART treatment designed to assist people who have (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) PTSD. PTSD is associated with war veterans, but can also occur from childhood trauma, abuse of any kind, car accidents, natural disasters, sudden illness or death of a loved one. This assists a person in feeling relieved of the symptoms of PTSD. This does not replace therapy that one may already be seeking or thinking about seeking. Each part needs to be completed 24-48 hours apart.

Zone of Death

This treatment purifies the toxic death of old.  Many hold onto their past or future deaths influencing their current choices and ailments. What energy of death still attaches to your physical body? This helps the process of cleansing to begin and allows for a clearer understanding of the person’s core pain. Read Hossca Harrison’s latest blog titled T.H.I.S. The Human Immune System at www.Discoveringanadventurecalledlife.com.

Detox Life

This treatment prepares the physical, mental, and emotional bodies for a complete detox.  This treatment should be done one week prior to any detox treatments.  This treatment allows for a more complete detox, including what the subconscious mind and or impacted organ/gland holds onto.

Denial of Life Syndrome Parts 1 and 2 

Most people have subconscious blocks to joy, peace, and passion. What is your block? This treatment works with you to help you identify your main block, how it works (when it’s activated), and how to move beyond it in order to create a different experience.

This treatment is in two parts. Parts 1 and 2 can be two hours to two days apart.

Circulating Circulation 

This treatment is for those who have slow circulation. The symptoms might be feeling cold, broken capillaries, and sluggish system. This will slowly begin shifting the circulation to a stronger one while facilitating toxin release from the lymphatic system. For this work, you need to be willing to dry skin brush and exercise for a month following the treatment. More information will be offered at the time of the appointment.

Brain Stress 

This treatment is for those who have been holding on to way too much stress. Chronic excessive stress on the brain increases cortisol production. This can impact your health to the degree of a heart attack or stroke. Brain Stress will help balance your brain and your cortisol production.

Brain Fog 

This treatment allows for the brain to detox and become more clear. You’ll feel a better sense of knowingness and focus.

Tenth Body 

This treatment works with you create a clearer connection to your higher mind and your heart so that you make wise choices instead of painful ones.

Ninth Body-Qua Lay Du 

This treatment assists you to gain a deeper understanding of WHO you are-your soul heritage. It helps you feel more aligned with your pathway and knowingness.

Evolutionary Blending (NEW)

This treatment assists you to become more in balance with the earth changes. It also assists with solar storms as well.

The Power to Be One (NEW)

The Power to Be One is for those who want help in opening themselves up to their own power. This helps a person see the walls he or she builds that prevents self-power and allows the seed of power to begin opening.

Shielding the Mind From Human Drama (NEW)

This treatment is for people who tend to get caught up in drama. It creates a protection around the mind to help prevent one from getting caught up in drama.

Eighth Body-Qual De Say

This treatment assists a person in developing a deeper connection to their own healing process. More detailed information will be offered at the appointment.

Hormonal Human 

Hormonal Human is for people who have experienced or are experiencing menopause (male and female) or other issues with the hormones. This can be related to childbirth, ongoing emotional issues, or for some other reason. It assists the person in beginning to rebalance the hormones. This treatment can take three months to fully actualize in the energetic system of the recipient as it balances hormones. The person receiving this treatment must be willing to look at and change (if necessary) diet and lifestyle to support a healthy hormone system.

Abnormal Thyroid 

(Best one week after Hormonal Human-but not required) Abnormal Thyroid is for people who are experiencing thyroid issues. Symptoms of Abnormal Thyroid.  You might feel run down and tired, or have brain fog.  You usually gain weight or experience hair loss.  Others may feel hyper, anxious, or sweat a lot, more than usual.  All of these are common symptoms of thyroid disorders.  The thyroid gland regulates many processes within the body; women in particular are likely to have these disorders that affect the function of this essential gland.  Recognizing and treating these conditions are critical for optimum health and preventing long-term health problems. 

The Sweetheart 

This treatment is for people who have bitterness in their heart. The bitterness can turn into heart disease and/or greatly interfere with loving relationships. This treatment will assist the person in opening their heart to something different, including self-love.

The Heart of Disease The Disease of Heart 

This treatment works best one week after The Sweetheart treatment. The Heart of Disease is for people who have physical heart issues, such as heart disease. The energy of the treatment will begin assisting the person in healing the toxins in the second heart (sac around the heart).

Establishing the Core 

This exercise is not about body core strengthening in terms of muscles, but rather building a stronger core energy that holds all bodies together, including the 5 higher bodies.  This exercise will work with the inner magnetic fields of the bodies.

This will also allow you to see and feel beyond the illusion.  Being aware when you are being pulled magnetically into another’s illusionary fear and anger persona, causing disruption.  Are you being pulled into someone else’s delusion, is your magnetic field being compromised mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually?

Nourishment For The Evolving Brain 

This exercise works with energetically cleaning the astrocytes. This will strengthen and/or realign the strings of innate intelligence.

Harmonizing Astrocytes 

This exercise is best if done soon after “Nourishment for the Evolving Brain.”  Harmonizing astrocytes helps put the brain more in sync with the mind.
This allows for greater understanding of the illusion and the illusion of time.

Refining Energy for Quantum Consciousness 

This exercise will assist in refining raw energy to allow greater power in what one seeks to create. This will also increase your energy output.

Spine of the Brain 

This will help end separation between the brain and spine.
This exercise clears out clutter, and confusion, allowing greater communication between the brain and spine and increase immune function.
It also helps with spinal difficulties and spinal pain. It’s great for people who continue to need spinal chiropractic adjustments or have some type of spinal injury.

Awakening Memories Beyond Time 

This treatment works with the meridians connected to dark energy, dark matter, which allows for memories of future issues, including future issues with your body, mind, and emotions.

Group Mind Programming 

This treatment removes residue from cross contamination that has occurred. The person receiving this treatment MUST be willing to allow changes for healing. FOR THOSE UNFAMILIAR WITH CROSS CONTAMINATION, BUT INTERESTED IN THIS TREATMENT, EMAIL TAMI AT TURBANEK1@MSN.COM

Internal Conflict 

This treatment works with those who have physical issues in the torso area. This can be internal bleeding, swelling, digestion issues, heart issues, reproductive organ issues, and other issues. The physical issues are the result of absorbing fear, anger, and depression from the environment or other people (cross contamination). The person receiving the treatment may feel the old energy begin dissipating, but it may feel uncomfortable, such as toxins releasing. Then the person will begin to feel better physically and emotionally.

Cord Removal

This is a treatment that removes the energetic influence of a cord. If you have a cord, all parts and residue of the cord are removed in one treatment. To read more about cords, go to the cord blog article on this site. (Sea Wave is optional after Cord Removal for an additional fee)

Sea Wave
This treatment brings mental and emotional clarity and calmness. It removes stagnant energy from the body to allow the person to gain clarity and a sense of peace.

Brain Deception
This treatment brings into awareness of how the brain is using deception to sway a person away from one’s own healing. This treatment is best to be done after Toxic Moon to release emotional toxins first.

Toxic Moon
Toxic Moon can only be done FIVE DAYS before, FIVE DAYS after, or the DAY OF a FULL MOON. This treatment allows emotional toxins to be released that are attached to past events, such as a abandonment, abuse, or lack of bonding.

Memories Through Time
This treatment allows a person to remember life BEFORE self abuse became a PATTERN.

Hollow Heart
This treatment is for ones who have died of a broken heart or who are dying of a broken heart. When one has or is dying of a broken heart, their heart chakra is out of balance. Also, it can create heart disease in the physical heart. This person can also be experiencing unconscious suicide. The treatment will help balance the heart chakra and the client can feel a renewed sense of life. At first, after the treatment, the person will feel a surge of uncomfortable feelings, such as old anger, grief, and fear as it purges. It needs to purge to allow you to feel the renewed sense of life.

Sound of Punishment
This is for those who have been punished for attempting to live THEIR PATHWAY. If one received punishment for doing something, such as stealing, lying, etc., this treatment WILL NOT WORK. It is specific for ones who attempted to live their pathway and received punishment as a result. For example, the person left religion to pursue a more joyous life; a person wanted to explore his or her abilities; a person wanted to learn to express him or herself from the heart and was punished. There are many ways one can live their pathway, those are a few examples. This treatment will clear out residue of the pain of punishment. The punishment can have occurred in this life or another life.

Sleeping Procrastination 
This treatment awakens abilities. It brings awareness to the procrastination so the person can own the procrastination and change it. This awakens one’s own energy.

Beyond Love
This treatment is for those who are TRULY ADD/HD. If one has been INCORRECTLY DIAGNOSED as ADD/HD, this treatment will not work. This treatment moves energy from the emotional body (where it is stored), through the heart chakra, and into the lower soul body, and into the physical brain. True ADD/HD can be caused by mother’s trauma during pregnancy or drugs or vaccinations. This can
assist those who are older adults and are losing their memory. Adult ADD symptoms are: forgetfulness, difficulty in reading, tuning out a lot.

Emerald Shield 
This is for all ages before, during, and after inoculations. If one receives inoculations, have this treatment no later than 3-7 days to remove the toxins and to prevent damage. If this treatment is done much later than 3-7 days, even years later, it is still beneficial in improving the immune system. This may not heal permanent damage from inoculations.

Let Me Be You Syndrome
This treatment is for those who look for approval. That approval seeking can be in society, parents, spouse/partner, children, etc. The person’s true creativity ability is asleep. They often carry a deep take care of me energy. After the treatment, the person will feel more creative and more powerful. However, the person will also experience the opposite polarity to ‘go back to the old’ and will need to make a choice.

Brain Passion
Most people use energized thought perceiving it is passion. Passion is the energy needed to create heat in the meridians. Brain Passion is a clearing treatment as well as a treatment to assist in one creating new patterns. This clears old energy within the meridians.

Book of Change
This assists people that are going through much change. It creates clarity as to what order change needs to be created. When change is created out of order, imbalance occurs.

This treatment will assist ones who are hypersensitive. It assists to turn their hypersensitive energy into a more balanced intuitive understanding.

The 12th Dragon
The 12th Dragon is known as the 12th door in more advanced Tai Yi. This treatment opens and monitors the gates connecting each body. It allows for a more fluid transition to the higher understanding.

Bamboo Roots
This will assist ones to be more grounded and focused in what they do from higher bodies. Especially good for Tai Yi students who lose focus when doing Tai Yi.

Birthing the Child
This treatment is for adults and adolescents who were spiritually abused as children and children who were brainwashed as a child. Another to phrase it, is this is for people (after puberty) who were heavily indoctrinated as a child. That can be religious indoctrination or some other belief, such as hatred for another race or other people, and mass consciousness type of thinking. The energy from this treatment goes deep into the ancient mind, which allows for a purging in the programmed mind. The person will feel a release after this treatment.

Spiritual Addiction
This treatment can work with adults and adolescents. It works with the part of the brain that controls addiction, known as pleasure pathway. It works with the dopamine transmitters. Spiritual addiction is the same as other addictions as far as the brain in concerned. This treatment can assist one who “teacher shops”. One who teacher shops is one who looks for another to tell them what they want to hear. That includes people who cannot let go of spiritual pain, which blocks pleasure from being experienced. These people are usually described as teacher shoppers. They keep looking for some joy in life hoping to find joy in the context of spiritual acceptance.

Trail of Emotional Death-Parts 1 and 2
This sets up an energy shield that will guard the emotional body from chemtrails. Parts 1 and 2 need to be completed between 24-48 hours apart. The chemicals in chemtrails deeply affect feeling in the emotional body-develops apathy and passivity. This helps prevent that from occurring and assists the emotional body to feel. This is for those who feel disconnected to everything and feels like giving up. This will assist the emotional body, which will strengthen the physical body (unless a choice has been made to leave)-to do as needed.

Protection From Self
This treatment is for those who engage in self-punishment, guilt, and self-anger. It also works for ones who punish themselves out of body or in the dream state. One who wakes up depressed, anxious, or angry could have been punishing themselves during sleep. This is also good for people who self-sabotage, which is another form of self-punishment.

Shyness Complex
This helps in healing a defect in the Brain Personality (punishment and fear). This personality type usually looks for ones to take care of them, save them. This behavior leads to deep levels of depression. This personality also has difficulty staying on their pathway because it is so easy for them to be swayed in another direction.

Channel of Wisdom
This opens the channels to the ancient brain to allow the ancient mind to function. This exercise is for ones who have taken action to go into deeper awareness of who they are and a deeper understanding of healing.

Tomorrow’s Yesterday
This helps ones to keep focused on what they are creating today. This is great for people who continue to recreate the past or leave the future up to someone or something else. This will assist the person to psychologically focus more and then make new choices. A person who leaves his or her past up to someone or something else usually wants to be taken care of.

Light of Destruction
This treatment will strengthen the immune system of the skin from harmful sun rays. It also assists in radiation poisoning from dark energy. This treatment is good for those who continue to get sick.

Conflict of Path
This is good for those attending the May Jonah Intensive. This helps bring awareness to counterfeit journeys. It brings assistance to those who are confused about their path. This treatment also opens the door to one’s pathway. This treatment will be the strongest for a person who attends the Intensive, utilizes the meditations a few times, and then receives the treatment.

Journey Home
Journey Home is a Tai Yi treatment that addresses ones who do not feel at home here, in this world. The treatment works with the emotional meridians and the higher mind to bring awareness and memories of home. It also brings awareness and memories of why one is here-a soul pathway-and awareness and memories of what one needs to do to heal. This treatment can be profound in assisting one to understand life’s purpose and understand feelings that have been felt all one’s life.

Emotions of Failure
Emotions of failure is a pattern because the person has formed an addiction to failure or the results of failure. “Life is a struggle” keeps one in a high beta brain wave. The person always justifies failure and blame. The person may have a victim mentality. This treatment assists ones to become aware of emotions of failure and who continue to fail at whatever that one is attempting to do or pretend to heal. This is also good for one who teacher shops. This will bring into awareness the origin of a pattern and that one can experience a release. If one carries an energy of sabotage, it is a 24 hour process, not selective.

Perception of Healing
This treatment will bring clarity and understanding to the individual attempting to heal and allow the person to gain an accurate perception of healing. Many people have a perception of what their life will be like when they heal an issue. That perception may be incorrect because it was created during a time of pain. As a result, people could work at healing an issue AND have healed it, but do not think they have because they do not see the result they thought they would see. This includes people who are healing a trauma. Because the the result of the healing does not match the perception of healing, the person may re-injure him or herself. Many times this will discourage one from further healing. The treatment removes the false perception and works with all the bodies, unconscious and conscious.

Fire of the Brain
This treatment resets the firing in the brain and allows the brain to properly process information from the mind. This can also assist with memories and false memories. As well as, it can assist with brain injuries, concussions, strokes, former drug use, long term depression, anger, stress, child abuse, and for those who are out of their body too much. The secondary purpose is assistance with the neurotransmitters and can be very useful to one who has abused the brain. This CAN assist with autism.

Basic Treatments


Solar Flare
Solar Flare was created to assist the body during solar storms and assist in shielding the body temporarily during chemtrails. This treatment also assists the immune system. Solar flares brings up the lowest common denominator in mind, which is survival, fear, jealousy-when left unchecked. With solar flares-this treatment is long term, with chemtrails, it is short-term.

Dark Side of the Moon-Parts 1 and 2
This treatment needs to be completed between 24-72 hours apart. This is for those who have dark emotions that never surface. Meaning, they stay under the surface while the person stays in denial of the emotions. This opens the meridians to allow life energy flow to flow into the meridians to GENTLY open what has been shut off from the conscious mind-which will be connected to a belief. This will allow one to begin recognizing dark beliefs so the person lets go of that energy. Many may question “why did I have that belief if it hurt?” It will bring up intensity of emotion. If part 2 is NOT completed, for whatever reason, then part 1 must be cleared. This treatment is good for those in therapy

Sugar Dragon-Parts 1-3
This treatment has three parts. Each part needs to be completed in 5-7 days apart and it needs to be consistent. This is for those who carry an addiction to sugar, self deception, and addiction to deflecting assistance. Many will say, “this does not resonate with me” and that actually means, “it does not resonate with my beliefs.” This is a form of denial. One could have an addiction to sugar, but it manifests differently. Refined sugar is highly addictive and toxic and it reflects addiction to abusing sweetness in life. Those receiving this treatment may experience flashbacks in order to look at the doubt and the doubt will surface in the form of “can I ever achieve what I want to achieve?” The person will move into self-acceptance state after part 3.

Transmitters of Life
This treatment is for clearing of transmitters. When a person had an unhappy childhood, it programs the transmitters and sends signals to keep the pain intact. Some transmitters carry fear, anger, and death. This assists in clearing the program so the transmitters are sending correct information. It also increases messages from the mind to the brain more clearly and from higher mind to mind field. When this treatment is being done, the person should hold the memory of a fear and pay attention to how much lighter he or she feels during and after the treatment.

This treatment is in two parts. Part one is completed in the morning and part two is completed in the afternoon. NO SOONER than three hours apart and NO LATER than eight hours apart. This assists those who have a tendency to pick up thought projections and influence. This is also very good for those who travel a lot. If this is used for travel, not more than two days before traveling.

This builds the mental and emotional immune systems. It is also good for those who have something others want and it is good for those who have a tendency to become re-corded easily. It strengthens the energy field so that thought projections bounce off

Fluid Behavior
This is for those who allow past life traumas to painfully influence this life and for those who blame events on past lives to justify pain. When one does this, it results in depression, anger, and fear. This can allow for a more successful relationship with self and all selves. If one is attempting to heal a past life trauma, this treatment can assist with that as well.

Primitive Beast of Resistance
This treatment is in three parts and should be separated between one day and no more than two days apart. Beast Nature is another word for survival. It is for ones who always have an excuse to resist change, so they are in the process of creating an illness or disease-physical, mental, or emotional. The person has become so ingrained that healing is painful and hard. This is for the person who has a daily struggle with his or her healing.

Spiritual Puberty
This is for those who have had a form of trauma around the time of puberty. This trauma can create a fear of sexuality or denial of inner sexuality. This is usually more for females who have hormonal difficulties/imbalance. This can also work with males who are in denial of their sexuality.

Relationship to Action
People have a difficult time taking action on words spoken. They don’t walk the talk; they procrastinate. This often results in fear of judgment and in being wrong. This will assist in creating the life he or she speaks.

Heated Head of Disruption
This is for anyone who is suffering from a sinus infection and for those who suffer from repeated sinus infections. It needs to be completed DURING a sinus infection. The infection is connected through an “I don’t care” attitude and is connected to a heated liver and gallbladder. The infection occurs due to stagnation in the liver and gallbladder creating too much heat. GMO (genetically modified foods) foods impact the lymphatic system and the preservatives in foods preserve the virus. The virus has a very strong desire to survive and sends messages to the brain when you are preparing to have a virus. The message encourages you to eat something on which the virus thrives.

Animalistic Nature of Pain-Parts 1-5

Humans in the third dimension carry a genetic frequency of pain. People’s greatest obstacle of healing is the energy of survival. This exercise works with the animalistic nature of pain on all levels. Human consciousness that separates itself from God essence will automatically absorb the animalistic nature. The energy the body carries that is the animalistic nature of pain influences the mind and the pain is the result of that imbalance. The treatment works with all 12 bodies including the conscious and unconscious mind to understand the pain in order to heal it. Where is the origin of pain? Emotional, spiritual, and mental pain in the body is usually diagnosed as non diagnosed. As you increase your abilities, if the energy is NOT healed, it will mutate. This helps one to move out of the animalistic pain and the person’s DNA starts to shift.

This treatment is recommended to be completed one to two weeks apart for each part and it needs to be consistent.

Light of Tranquility
This treatment is to assist ones in seeing the OVERALL purpose for healing. Many attempt to heal simply to remove their pain. While removing pain is an important component in healing, it is not the only reason to heal. This allows one to see the bigger picture. It will create a feeling of contentment and peace. It will also strengthen the person’s will to heal.

The Human Rainbow
Assists one in blending of all parts of self into conscious awareness. This can assist anyone who received energy from Jonah at the Intensive.

Mind of Rock, Sand, and Mud
This will assist with one who has taken an issue and reformed it. It brings the issue back into its original form. This can assist with one who has mutated their core belief and it can work with Perception of Healing (Advanced exercise).

Dust of Liver
This works with the gallbladder and liver. Dust refers to constant irritation that has not been dealt with. It is a good follow-up to Heated Head of Disruption (not required). The treatment assists you with what you are irritated about.

Digestive Mud

We live in an evolutionary energy in the third dimension. The physical body is an evolutionary cycle and when it is blocked, it lowers the consciousness and frequency of the body. The human digestive system cannot evolve with daily chemicals-toxins and preservatives. The digestive system needs to evolve to assist the consciousness by releasing toxic beliefs and thoughts. The medical perception of the intestines is poor. If your intestines are stagnant, it is referred to as mud. The treatment refers to the digestive process and bodies 1-5 to bring into alignment and remove stagnation. It is necessary to adjust nutrition when emotionally healing.

Hope of Pain
Subconscious mind has a false hope of pain and works with self-sabotage issues which can be unconscious. Works very well after Dust of Liver (not required).

Star of Heart
This is a fear opening the heart and will usually have related issues. It will assist with creating an opening to allow one to feel. This is specifically with people who have a conscious and unconscious fear of relationships and they have a tendency for troubled relationships.

Missing Life
Available to everyone who needs assisting in understanding how they sabotage or miss opportunities. This can assist ones who are listening to the meditations from the Jonah Intensive ‘Did Ye Miss It’. This is NOT limited to those who attended the Intensive. This is for those who miss opportunities or sabotage opportunities.

Fusion of Life
This assists with bonding the physical body with the mind and emotions. For those who may be unfocused and also may have chronic pain in the body and they do not know why. This is also for one who may feel born in the ‘wrong’ body. This also can assist with depression (secondary purpose to the exercise) and for ones who chronically criticize their body. This is also good for blending of abilities with the body.

Death of Karma
This does NOT have to do with getting rid of karma. This is for one who has healed a karmic issue and they want to relieve the karmic residue. This helps clear out the residue from the body after one has healed the karmic issue. Often the core belief can be tied to a karmic issue. This will assist the person in feeling much better.

River of Mud
This is for people who have a tendency to pick up ‘crappy’ energy from any environment. This helps protect the meridians. This is good for those who work with the public, kids in school, and kids in daycare. This is also good for ones who have gone through an abusive energy and have left the abusive environment. Also good for those who may attend the WINTER 2010 INTENSIVE-THE SIXTH SECRET.

Bamboo Spine
Boosts the immune system-assists in spinal pain and spinal memories

Impression and response to memories do reside in different areas of body and spinal cord, can bring up suppressed memories-this can assist in autoimmune diseases if done early.

Pillar of Mind
Will assist ones to use their mind to self-create by NOT using beliefs or other people’s creations. Beliefs that are contrary to one’s purpose or soul. When one acts out beliefs that are contrary to the soul, it creates low or deep depression/anxiety. This exercise works with that and makes the beliefs weaker, giving experience to the person-abilities, knowingness, feel stronger

Intelligence of Feel
Psychological exercise-energy of feeling in order to more deeply understand the feelings and where they are coming from.

Fusion of Essence and Energy
Helps ones draw energy to all parts of self (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual) and increases energy level. This is for those who have a low energy level and for those who have been working on a deep issue and feel depleted. This will energize.

Life Energy Flow Tai Yi treatments have not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). These treatments are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose any disease.

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