Women’s Groups

Tami will begin a group, for women, beginning in late 2020. 

This group is for those who desire to receive assistance in an area on which they want to find resolution, peace, understanding and/or forgiveness. 

The group is not a therapy group, it’s a group of women who will focus on healing and moving towards joy. 

Tami first began facilitating groups around year 2000-2001 for teens who were struggling in academics and socially. Since then, she has continued offering groups on and off over the last two decades for teens and adults. 

There are only three guidelines for this group.

  1. Confidentiality: what is said in this group, stays in this group
  2. Judgement-free Zone: we all need a safe space to interact and exchange voices and ideas
  3. Respect: everyone is equal and deserves respect. This is respect of self and others. 

This group will be once per month. The group may be offered more than one time per month to accommodate the size of the group (but still once per month per person). 

The fee is $20 per meeting/per person and this will take place on Zoom

Email Tami at tamiurbanek@hotmail.com for more information and to be on the email list for the selected day/s and times. 

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